How to Secure your Android device

SynapseIndia reviews experts gives you some points that you can dramatically reduce the risk of malware infections on your Android phone:

Utilize the official Android Market rather than outsider application stores or sites, particularly now that Bouncer is utilized to monitor for malware. On the off chance that you need to help guarantee that you just introduce applications from Android Market, you can turn off the quality to install applications from obscure sources in by going to Settings and afterward to the Security menu (in Android 4.0 or later) or the Applications menu (in prior variants of Android).

1. Research applications before downloading: Check the distributor and application surveys.
2. Give careful consideration to application permissions amid the establishment and check the business notice or   engineer for a improvement of any mistrustful official document.
3. Introduce an anti-virus/security application.
4. Be careful about phishing tricks and malware through the Web program or SMS messages.
5. Be careful in the event that you root your gadget and look out for the Superuser prompts that are shown when an application solicitations root consents. Attaching permits you to utilize some capable applications and even improved security usefulness, however in the meantime expands potential harm from contamination.
6. To ensure your Android gadget against neighborhood assaults - a cheat or snooper - empower lock screen security (or, in case you're one of the lucky few who as of now have Ice Cream Sandwich, you can test out the new Face Unlock characteristic.)

Finally, SynapseIndia reviews experts comment that to keep any malicious applications from sending messages that will consequently charge your record, see if your wireless carrier can block the ability to sign up for premium SMS subscriptions.

Promote your Brand with Social Media

"Social Media" is a path for people to communicate and interact on the web. While it has been around since the beginning of the World Wide Web, in the most recent 10 years or something like that we've seen a surge in both the number and fame of social networking sites. It's called online networking on the grounds that users engage with (and around) it in a social connection, which can include discussions, editorial, and other client produced annotations and engagement connections.

When comes the time of promoting your Brand, SynapseIndia reviews team would suggest you 3 main ways to promote your event with success on social media:

1. Reward your followers and fans for following you on online marketing sites. Provide for them one of a kind content so people feel they are gathering the prizes from following us. Consider a discount code convenient to your followers for example.

2. Engage your workers. One great approach to elevate occasions is to transform your partners into performers. At Social Media London, we've advanced our meeting utilizing Vine and it works out truly well. It's additionally great amusing to shoot so don't hesitate to look at some of our features. 

3. Use testimonials. This is to a great degree paramount as it will offer validity to your occasion on the off chance that you get the primary players in. As stakeholders, they are prone to discuss your occasion to their own systems accordingly the potential number of actively present people will become naturally.

One of the key objectives of SynapseIndia Complaints your vicinity on online networking is to emerge from your rivals. So by what method would you be able to do that?

Discussing the Revenue Model with iPhone Application Development

Here is some great news for the iPhone developers. iPhone application development will become more attractive as Apple is planning to introduce new streams of revenue for the developers. It is also working on its policies to welcome new developers.

Facing stiff competition from Android, which has numbers on its sides to prove its continuous progress towards the top of the leader-board, Apple is trying out new ways to attract developers into its fold – and retain its current position at the top, believes an expert from SynapseIndia reviews team.
New Revenue Model - Under the present model the developers benefit from one time charges which the user pays while downloading an app. But the company is planning to reinvent the model and introduce subscription charges for apps instead of one time sale. This will ensure that the developers have a recurring income instead of a onetime bonus.

That’s not all the company is also mulling introduction of adds into its iTunes store which will be shared between the company and developers resulting in a win-win situation. These will make iPhone apps development more lucrative for the developers.

Change in Policies - Apple’s stringent policies has been one of the major roadblocks for aspiring developers to enter its fold, something that Android has immensely benefited out of. Now the company working on its polices that will expectedly reduce the entry barrier for the wannabe iPhone and iPad developers.

The company is trying hard to grab some market share back from Android despite having one of world’s most popular gadgets in its inventory. Experts from SynapseIndia reviews team see these steps to pay a huge dividend to the company in the long run and help in grab market share.

What Makes WordPress the Most Popular CMS for the Corporate Websites?

WordPress is the most commonly known CMS platform used by millions of individual users and businesses worldwide. From internet moms to journalist all have equally accepted it. W3Techs stated that out of the most visited 1 million sites, 55% uses the CMS of WordPress.

A look over the comparison of interest index in Google among WordPress, Joomla and Drupal globally shows that people prefer WordPress the most and not just that Joomla is second to it and is falling much behind with every passing year.

Experts from SynapseIndia reviews team mentioned that as recorded in April 2014, WordPress registers an interest index of 93 with Joomla following with 18 and Drupal just dragging behind with 9. While in a corporate environment clients ask for more detailed reason as to why WordPress be more preferred over options like Joomla and Drupal. This write-up covers all the queries in a much explicit way.

WordPress and the Points where it Excels:

To be very frank when a customer seeks this they do not go through all these facts and statistics, they choose WordPress as it is simple to use, free and above all user-friendly. Any CMS that has high maintenance cost is a big no-no for most of the clients and most of the other options has just that.

While hiring any Web Development Company from India you must consult with them this particular point and ask them to go ahead with WordPress CMS for future saving. Being said all that we need to shed light over the points due to which WordPress is put much ahead of Joomla and Drupal. Here are few points which come with it and make it get the crown of popularity.

a. Targeted approach: There has been a set goal in the mind of WordPress from the very beginning and i.e. solving problem and not just offering a service. Joomla and Drupal had targeted developers from the very initial phase and hence made the CMS quite technical oriented.

Also, they were keener in establishing themselves as enterprise CMS solution and hence lost the main flock of mass web users like bloggers, etc. WordPress made something for the people and supported them thoroughly which made them accepted by people.

b. Simple yet Robust: For a general internet user WordPress is the simplest option when they think about using any CMS. Anybody with very minimal know-how of technology can set up their site, blog, etc using it and there lies their USP.

One does not have to go through a tough manual for understating the whole operation inside it. This parts needs to be covered by joomla and drupal and only then they can complete with to WordPress. Wordpress has WYSIWYG editor, but believe it or not Joomla still does not have it.

c. It's Blog Connection: Some critics often goes on saying that Wordpress is just for bloggers, but the fact is blogging and CMS relates with one another best and this might be reason behind its success. Let’s face a fact the 18th most visited website in the internet today is A simple pie chart comparison below does reveal what are the shares of each CMS globally and particularly in blog and news niche.

So, the SynapseIndia reviews experts comment that WordPress has clearly surpassed both Joomla and Drupal. In the end it can be said that, developing something that appeals to both technical and non-technical people is challenging and WordPress has done that brilliantly. This has made it what it is today, the best CMS in world. 

Why Joomla is Considered as One of the Most Popular CMSs?

With the advent of Joomla, Content Management System has become easier. This is among the most preferred CMS and being an opensource, it popularity has been rendered even in a better way. According to records, Joomla have already enjoyed more than 5 million visitors and this opensource platform is popular among 230 countries.

Elance and oDesk's work index have shown that Joomla websites are most popular platform to work and people love to work on them. The popularity is gradually going high and there are certain reasons behind the success. Experts from SynapseIndia reviews team believe that the Joomla website developers enjoy a lot of inbound qualities in this platform, and they are:

User Management:

Joomla comes with stupendous authentication facility and it also proffers multiple protocols too. User access features can be controlled by the administrator, while getting few built-in features is also easy on it. The extensions that Joomla brings can allow one to build a social networking website for little cost or may be almost of no cost at all.

Joomla website developers can even compare the rates for you and can offer you the best deal. Configuring personal options is also easy on it as the system will also allow you to access an easy registration system.

Media Manager:

Managing media files like audio, video, animation, sound clips etc. are easy through media tools. By configuring the MIME type settings you can handle any type of media files on this platform. There will also be an integrated browser which will help you to upload images and music files. You can create your own music or photo library too.

Language Manager:

Joomla web development also facilitates the developers to manage the language of the website. Any website developed using Joomla can support more than one language and thus integrating foreign languages will also be easy here. The added language extension makes it easy for the website user.

Banner Management:

Adding banners in a website is a popular practice. This has become even easier on a Joomla based website and the banner will also help you to earn some more money from your site.

Contact Management:

Tasks like adding contact details, editing and finding contacts can also be performed by using the contact management system of any Joomla website. There are more than one type of contact forms available and users can use the one which will suite them perfect - say members from the SynapseIndia review team.

Content Management:

These are the tasks Joomla is known for. An easily manageable CMS will give you a firm grip on the contents of the website. Editing, deleting, adding contents like new, product details and reviews is simple job with Joomla.

Template Management:

Everyone wants to give a personalized tough to their websites or webpages. By using the Joomla platform the task has become even more alluring. The set of templates that Joomla offers you will help you to get the exact look that you want to give your content based website. If the available templates don’t suit you, then you can always download the newer ones from the web as well.

Finding Magento Web Design and Development Specialists from India

Magento is now not anymore stuck with 31% eCommerce industry share! Infact, the multiple award-winning, eCommerce platform has surpassed its own achievements at the beginning of this year. It is being expected that by the year 2016 they will have more than 45% of the industry share if no serious competition arises by that time – believe experts from team SynapseIndia reviews.

This expectation has its supporting base in the form of certified developers. Business owners are no longer investing in technical teams without throughout homework. This has lead to the search of able professionals or companies who have years of expertise over the topic and certification to back that up.

Different shores of development hubs in the world are also tried by them. In this quest India has evolved as a fine destination with 2nd highest number of certified Magento developers.

Some facts Related to the eCommerce Industry

The eCommerce development cost in India is almost 1/3rd of that of any European country or States. This has played a decisive role in the hiring process by business owners. Most of the eCommerce development projects from the year 2012 gave India as proffered development center. According to a statistics collected by Inchoo in 2012 India was just 2nd to US in regards of certified developers with a number 22.

Now this number is above 170 and all these developers have more than 5-6 years of industry experience. Above all being associated with eCommerce project development lifecycle their entire career they are always able to bring some fresh insight to the table.

The Top Names Characteristics

Knowing that this particular place has great developers and getting hold of one is totally different thing. While looking for fine developers for any eCommerce project you must make sure to look over certain basic aspects. The developer or development team must have thorough knowledge of Magento customization. 

Ask them whether they know how to optimize the store speed up using Magento control panel. If they come up with the answer you can count on them. Also trust on a team which works closely with the design part as knowledge about Magento web design services is mandatory for flawless development. Look over the past projects held by the eCommerce experts to gauge their level of performance. Last but not the least how well they know about the security part.

Things to Keep in Mind in Sales Letters

Sales letters are types of letter where a mail sender tries to sell a product or service to his/her potential customers. Predominantly these letters carry textual form, but in certain cases they also carry images and animations as well as links to the offered website. These letters work as an invisible salesman who offers every big and small detail about the product or service is having.

Sales letters are one of the most powerful tools of advertisement in this global web world. Thus, sales letter writing asks for a great amount of attention where a mail writer needs to follow some rules and needs to keep some point in mind.

The article here from SynapseIndia reviews experts will help you to know these details in a better way.

  • If you are willing to do email marketing against your product or services, then contacting a company that offers web content writing services is a better idea. 
  • Professional writers have the knowledge of using right kind of language along with particular writing style that can help your product to sell through words. 
  • Hiring professionals will be a better idea as they are abreast with adequate knowledge and experience and they will be able to understand better what kind of a write-up will work best in your individual case. 
  • A sales letter doesn't beat around the bush, on the contrary it is just hitting on the main point from its first word to go. This increases the credibility of the letter and the target audience can relate to it instantly if it suits their needs.
  • The benefits need to be highlighted. It’s better to talk more about the USPs of the product or service, rather than listing out the features and functionalities. The more simple and straight forward the letter will be, the more affective it will turn out to be. 
  • Remember, your sales letter is not a user manual, thus stress on benefits, rather showing the features.

Apart from the above mentioned points, there are other things that you need to remember when it comes to writing a sales letter. This is different from article marketing services that we often see; rather email marketing or sales letter marketing is for a certain group or section of people.

These mails are directly sent to the prospected client’s mailbox, while articles are posted on the directories for one and all. Usages and reason for using sales letters is different and one has to understand this.  

Why Outsourcing Software Development Works to India is a Great Proposition?

India and its IT field have made a huge mark in the global scenario of software development. It’s hard and is almost impossible to challenge India's IT understanding. India is a popular name in the global chart, and this statement can be justified by the fact that Indian software developers are getting huge development works from other parts of the world. Cost effectiveness and quality are the major concerns that clients have, and Indian developers can assure these easily.

There is more than one reason why someone should go for software development in India. SynapseIndia reviews team is jotting down the major points here...

  • Flexibility in Handling Business
  • Increased Savings
  • Better Operational Control
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Advantages from Different Time Zones
  • Access to Variety of Skills and Services
  • Cost-effective Services    

It’s important from the client's side to prepare a Request for Information and Request for Proposal carefully before assigning a project to it. Any software development company of India is also loved by the foreign clients because it uses awesome communication tools like e-mails, online instant chatting, web conferencing and phone calls.

Over the period of time, India has developed its Internet connectivity thus communication, data transfer and virtual clubbing is not at all an issue here. Global IT whales like Microsoft, Oracle and IBM is in a constant process of off-shoring their development works to India IT firms.

This establishes the fact that India has successfully made a distinctive mark for itself. Software development in India through a trusted software development company is a profitable proposition all the ways.

Looking for a Web Developer? Read these Top Tips first!

Choosing a good web developer to do justice to your specific requirements can be a tricky proposition if you are new to the field. Here’s a useful guide from the experts of SynapseIndia reviews team to help you get started:

Formulation: Understanding what you wish to achieve is crucial before starting out. A formal brief on your requisites is necessary in this regard. Also consider readily available, off-the-shelf web applications before you opt for custom development. Though the latter one is always a better one to go for.

  • Finding Potential Developers: Recommendations from friends, family and contacts can help you in finding potential web development companies. You may also consult business directory listings to spot them.

  • Expertise: Choosing a developer who matches the exact skill set required by your project is very important. Ask for samples and specimens from past projects to better determine the true worth of a developer. Finally, look for somebody who is willing to offer you a range of options instead of trying to ram down just one, without any solid justification.

  • Industry-Specific Experience: If your web is very specific to your industry try to find a company that is experienced in developing web for your industry. 

  • Size: The size of the development company is also important. A large company may have a wider range of skills and be able to complete your system quicker, but you may not get the personal service you would from a smaller company. 

  • Personal Rapport: Ensuring a good working relationship and easy communication between you and the web company is also important. 

  • Professional Accreditation & Associations: Such credentials will help you identify the more competent service providers in the industry. These are important when you are looking for an offshore web development company.

  • Flexibility: It is likely that your web project will change and evolve throughout the development process and beyond. So flexibility is a virtue that your web developer must possess.

  • Support: Ensuring a support system is important for the continued success of your web development project.

  • Understanding the Requirements: It is vitally important that your web developer thoroughly understands your requirements to ensure that you get what you expect. 

  • Price: Transparency and competitiveness are the two aspects you should look out for while deciding on the price.

  • Intellectual Property: It is important to know who will own the intellectual property for the web at the end of the project. If it is not you, then you should establish what the limitations of the license agreement are.

  • Location: If you will need to meet with your web developer on a regular basis, it may be convenient to choose a developer that is based near to you. But thanks to the technological advancements, communication not a problem and thus outsourcing a project to a distance developer is also hassle free proposition a lot more cost effective.  

This checklist would help you to choose a competent web development company that would not only rely to your requisites but would also extend directed services, and you need to pay for just what you want. 

Why Social Media is an Unavoidable Space for Businesses Now?

From a humble beginning in mass networking, social media has come a long way. What has conspired in making the social media so popular has also prompted the digital marketers to look into the vast possibilities that social media brings. Social media has transformed from being the weaker cousin of SEO to a fully fledged medium of brand recognition. There is no denying the fact that effective use of social media very well is the keyword to brand recognition.

What the Future Holds?

It is to be said that social media do look to have a bright future- albeit in the near future at least. The rage for having a positive image in the social media circle is making the business owners crave for a comprehensive social media presence. It is boom time for social media marketing services thus, who are already providing SMO and SMM services in tandem with their traditional SEO packages. It is imperative to say in this regard that SEO and social media has become partners their quest to leverage a band’s value.

Having said that, SynapseIndia reviews team find the following infographic a worthy one that depicts the ideas what should be done and what should not be done in social media:

Various social media marketing companies are having social media campaigns pouting in as businesses of all sizes are trying to ride on the social media bandwagon. There have been some mediums which have been particularly impressive in the art of branding. Facebook has become a major player in the brand marketing circle with its huge user base and targeted marketing possibilities.

Often client of SynapseIndia complaints they can't figure out which is the best social space for their business. Well, the answer is – it totally depends upon the business you have, and who are your target group. On the more indirect side, mediums like Pinterest and Stumbleupon are making their distinctive mark.

Software Outsourcing and the Latest Trends of the Genre

Software outsourcing has become a global trend; it is not only a cost effective, but also very beneficial in the field of service and quality too. It enables you to get the development on-time and within your budget.

Many clients of SynapseIndia complaints about not knowing what exactly are the latest trends that have hit the market. Thus, before we continue the discussion, let's have a look on the latest trends that the industry is encountering:

The Year 2014 has Seen Some of the Following Trends Emerging:

  • IMC or In Memory Computing: It can provide transformational opportunities to internal and external users. The tasks can be executed in minutes and also in seconds too. This service can be delivered in the form of cloud services. 

  • Cloud Computing: in 2014, the internal CBS or Cloud Service Brokerage is an emerging trend which will help external business partners along with internal users. 

  • Mobile-first Strategy: Arguably, SmartPhones have eventually taken over PCs. Becoming the most popular web access device, it will capture a big part of the market. Thus developing mobile software app has become a prime concern for business organizations. Business software development, with outsourcing as one of the key factors, is the best way to fulfill the requirements of changing market trends.

Continuing, why one should outsource his software requirements, SynapseIndia Reviews experts say that, “You have the freedom of choice to hire an expert who has is experienced in the latest technologies, to boost your organization’s growth and meet all the goals smoothly.” Today in the hi-tech world, the demand of development is increasing rapidly. There are a lot of dynamic changes going on IT- market nowadays and to make your business not only successful, but also ahead in pace, businessmen need to fulfill customer’s demands. 

Web Development Trends are Changing Fast

Good websites keeps the user happy and boosts the brand identity. Web developers can create normalcy out of chaos, they create communication between buyers and dealers. And they do this through a successful website. They have been satisfying a lot of people at both ends with their highly interactive websites.

Creating a Good Design - What’s a ‘Brand’ Mantra:

According to few of the recent studies about the web market it has been found that a number of web development companies have garnered international reputation. It is important to follow the latest trends while developing your website. Apart from content being your first priority you should also think about implementing certain features in your website.

Visual and designing trends are high on the list since an eye catchy layout always attracts visitor. But be sure that it is simple in nature and not just designs and structures piled over one another. Add infinite scrolling feature, so that the visitor is always excited about the next page. Flat colors and clean designs are in this season and developers are sticking to that.

The Importance of Imagery:

Using images is one of the most important aspects of a website; like everyone else, SynapseIndia Reviews experts also believe the same.  Now there is a trend of big large photos on site background. But you should always keep in mind that you should implement this according to the space on your web page. You should also think about minimizing the amount of white space in your website.

Try to put web page widgets and dynamic effects or full screen typography on your website. These are only few among the trend which are not slowing down any sooner.

A Discussion on Google’s Organic Results Trends

The Allegation against Google Search Results

Some people allege that the default "above the fold" area of a Google search results page (SERP) is only 18 percent and contains the actual search results. Those people say that the paid search (PPC) ads aren't useful including the other Google's properties. They say a Google SERP contains approx. 45 different links, highlighting the black navigation links, the "Sign in" button, all the UI elements, ad links and the search results. They say that only 11% of such links are actually the search results.

Google’s Response

One of Google's distinguished engineer responded to this allegation and SynapseIndia's Review team has too the task to list them here:

  • The left-hand column is counted as non-search whereas it is entirely about search. It offers ways to refine your search. It allows you to limit the types of search results like news, images etc. You can also search results by date, time limit, geographical area and more.
  • The actual search box is counted as non-search, whereas it helps you to find the search results. Moreover, their count and how quickly you get them also matters.
  • The article treated whitespace as non-search can actually make it easier and faster for users to scan the results.

The engineer also went on to say that Google ads can be as helpful as the search results in some cases. He defended the position with Google’s statement dating back to 2004.

The Debate Rages On:

A spirited debate spurred off centering the semantics of "results" versus "search." Here, after looking at the tons of comments and opinions on the issue, Google’s engineer urged to consider the point of view port sizes and fixed width web design for better experience.

He highlighted that view port is the actual canvas area where HTML can be drawn in a browser. Its size actually do not take into account the browser's tools and scrollbars and keeps them out of the usable screen. Then the main content area is limited to 1250 pixels with a center column content area of 556 pixels, which is clearly 44.5 percent of the total usable area.


SEO experts from SynapseIndia believe that both, the allegation as well as the justification provided to counter the same are true. Google's interface has minimized the number of organic search now days. Google’s paid ads along with their search business are also going great. Thus, they have reduced their organic search results count from 10 to 7.