A Discussion on Google’s Organic Results Trends

The Allegation against Google Search Results

Some people allege that the default "above the fold" area of a Google search results page (SERP) is only 18 percent and contains the actual search results. Those people say that the paid search (PPC) ads aren't useful including the other Google's properties. They say a Google SERP contains approx. 45 different links, highlighting the black navigation links, the "Sign in" button, all the UI elements, ad links and the search results. They say that only 11% of such links are actually the search results.

Google’s Response

One of Google's distinguished engineer responded to this allegation and SynapseIndia's Review team has too the task to list them here:

  • The left-hand column is counted as non-search whereas it is entirely about search. It offers ways to refine your search. It allows you to limit the types of search results like news, images etc. You can also search results by date, time limit, geographical area and more.
  • The actual search box is counted as non-search, whereas it helps you to find the search results. Moreover, their count and how quickly you get them also matters.
  • The article treated whitespace as non-search can actually make it easier and faster for users to scan the results.

The engineer also went on to say that Google ads can be as helpful as the search results in some cases. He defended the position with Google’s statement dating back to 2004.

The Debate Rages On:

A spirited debate spurred off centering the semantics of "results" versus "search." Here, after looking at the tons of comments and opinions on the issue, Google’s engineer urged to consider the point of view port sizes and fixed width web design for better experience.

He highlighted that view port is the actual canvas area where HTML can be drawn in a browser. Its size actually do not take into account the browser's tools and scrollbars and keeps them out of the usable screen. Then the main content area is limited to 1250 pixels with a center column content area of 556 pixels, which is clearly 44.5 percent of the total usable area.


SEO experts from SynapseIndia believe that both, the allegation as well as the justification provided to counter the same are true. Google's interface has minimized the number of organic search now days. Google’s paid ads along with their search business are also going great. Thus, they have reduced their organic search results count from 10 to 7.


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