Why Joomla is Considered as One of the Most Popular CMSs?

With the advent of Joomla, Content Management System has become easier. This is among the most preferred CMS and being an opensource, it popularity has been rendered even in a better way. According to records, Joomla have already enjoyed more than 5 million visitors and this opensource platform is popular among 230 countries.

Elance and oDesk's work index have shown that Joomla websites are most popular platform to work and people love to work on them. The popularity is gradually going high and there are certain reasons behind the success. Experts from SynapseIndia reviews team believe that the Joomla website developers enjoy a lot of inbound qualities in this platform, and they are:

User Management:

Joomla comes with stupendous authentication facility and it also proffers multiple protocols too. User access features can be controlled by the administrator, while getting few built-in features is also easy on it. The extensions that Joomla brings can allow one to build a social networking website for little cost or may be almost of no cost at all.

Joomla website developers can even compare the rates for you and can offer you the best deal. Configuring personal options is also easy on it as the system will also allow you to access an easy registration system.

Media Manager:

Managing media files like audio, video, animation, sound clips etc. are easy through media tools. By configuring the MIME type settings you can handle any type of media files on this platform. There will also be an integrated browser which will help you to upload images and music files. You can create your own music or photo library too.

Language Manager:

Joomla web development also facilitates the developers to manage the language of the website. Any website developed using Joomla can support more than one language and thus integrating foreign languages will also be easy here. The added language extension makes it easy for the website user.

Banner Management:

Adding banners in a website is a popular practice. This has become even easier on a Joomla based website and the banner will also help you to earn some more money from your site.

Contact Management:

Tasks like adding contact details, editing and finding contacts can also be performed by using the contact management system of any Joomla website. There are more than one type of contact forms available and users can use the one which will suite them perfect - say members from the SynapseIndia review team.

Content Management:

These are the tasks Joomla is known for. An easily manageable CMS will give you a firm grip on the contents of the website. Editing, deleting, adding contents like new, product details and reviews is simple job with Joomla.

Template Management:

Everyone wants to give a personalized tough to their websites or webpages. By using the Joomla platform the task has become even more alluring. The set of templates that Joomla offers you will help you to get the exact look that you want to give your content based website. If the available templates don’t suit you, then you can always download the newer ones from the web as well.


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