Discussing the Revenue Model with iPhone Application Development

Here is some great news for the iPhone developers. iPhone application development will become more attractive as Apple is planning to introduce new streams of revenue for the developers. It is also working on its policies to welcome new developers.

Facing stiff competition from Android, which has numbers on its sides to prove its continuous progress towards the top of the leader-board, Apple is trying out new ways to attract developers into its fold – and retain its current position at the top, believes an expert from SynapseIndia reviews team.
New Revenue Model - Under the present model the developers benefit from one time charges which the user pays while downloading an app. But the company is planning to reinvent the model and introduce subscription charges for apps instead of one time sale. This will ensure that the developers have a recurring income instead of a onetime bonus.

That’s not all the company is also mulling introduction of adds into its iTunes store which will be shared between the company and developers resulting in a win-win situation. These will make iPhone apps development more lucrative for the developers.

Change in Policies - Apple’s stringent policies has been one of the major roadblocks for aspiring developers to enter its fold, something that Android has immensely benefited out of. Now the company working on its polices that will expectedly reduce the entry barrier for the wannabe iPhone and iPad developers.

The company is trying hard to grab some market share back from Android despite having one of world’s most popular gadgets in its inventory. Experts from SynapseIndia reviews team see these steps to pay a huge dividend to the company in the long run and help in grab market share.

What Makes WordPress the Most Popular CMS for the Corporate Websites?

WordPress is the most commonly known CMS platform used by millions of individual users and businesses worldwide. From internet moms to journalist all have equally accepted it. W3Techs stated that out of the most visited 1 million sites, 55% uses the CMS of WordPress.

A look over the comparison of interest index in Google among WordPress, Joomla and Drupal globally shows that people prefer WordPress the most and not just that Joomla is second to it and is falling much behind with every passing year.

Experts from SynapseIndia reviews team mentioned that as recorded in April 2014, WordPress registers an interest index of 93 with Joomla following with 18 and Drupal just dragging behind with 9. While in a corporate environment clients ask for more detailed reason as to why WordPress be more preferred over options like Joomla and Drupal. This write-up covers all the queries in a much explicit way.

WordPress and the Points where it Excels:

To be very frank when a customer seeks this they do not go through all these facts and statistics, they choose WordPress as it is simple to use, free and above all user-friendly. Any CMS that has high maintenance cost is a big no-no for most of the clients and most of the other options has just that.

While hiring any Web Development Company from India you must consult with them this particular point and ask them to go ahead with WordPress CMS for future saving. Being said all that we need to shed light over the points due to which WordPress is put much ahead of Joomla and Drupal. Here are few points which come with it and make it get the crown of popularity.

a. Targeted approach: There has been a set goal in the mind of WordPress from the very beginning and i.e. solving problem and not just offering a service. Joomla and Drupal had targeted developers from the very initial phase and hence made the CMS quite technical oriented.

Also, they were keener in establishing themselves as enterprise CMS solution and hence lost the main flock of mass web users like bloggers, etc. WordPress made something for the people and supported them thoroughly which made them accepted by people.

b. Simple yet Robust: For a general internet user WordPress is the simplest option when they think about using any CMS. Anybody with very minimal know-how of technology can set up their site, blog, etc using it and there lies their USP.

One does not have to go through a tough manual for understating the whole operation inside it. This parts needs to be covered by joomla and drupal and only then they can complete with to WordPress. Wordpress has WYSIWYG editor, but believe it or not Joomla still does not have it.

c. It's Blog Connection: Some critics often goes on saying that Wordpress is just for bloggers, but the fact is blogging and CMS relates with one another best and this might be reason behind its success. Let’s face a fact the 18th most visited website in the internet today is Wordpress.com. A simple pie chart comparison below does reveal what are the shares of each CMS globally and particularly in blog and news niche.

So, the SynapseIndia reviews experts comment that WordPress has clearly surpassed both Joomla and Drupal. In the end it can be said that, developing something that appeals to both technical and non-technical people is challenging and WordPress has done that brilliantly. This has made it what it is today, the best CMS in world.