Complaint Management System

A Comprehensive Complaint Management Can Only Lead Your Business To Great Heights

Human race has been the most advantageous and developing one. Gone are those days when shopping meant a day full of tiresome efforts moving from one shop to another. With the advent of this century, human race has evolved in significant manner. From automobile to real estate, from pin to air plane, all have made their place on-air.

They say, change is the only constant thing that we have in this universe. Understanding the same, we, at SynapseIndia, are engaged in providing solutions that to make your online business attain next best level in operations. The pace with which shopping has become online there is an urgent need for every e-commerce website to make sure that their online brand reputation is maintained. Being an individual managing his/her business, it becomes imperative for you to make sure that your business reputation is never at stake.

For this, we have been providing the most effective and result-oriented online reputation management services. The solutions provided by us under this domain are widely accepted in various indigenous and multi national organizations as well. In our approach towards complaints or reputation management services, we have been following the mentioned approaches:

  • Recording customer's complaints communications.
  • Logging the complaint about the product or service into the multi-user database.
  • Flagging the registered complain for necessary feedback and redressal.
  • Setting debit and credit amounts against the registered complaints.
  • A detailed analysis by products, by complaints and by customers to head off the potential customer care.

It is an underlying fact that an organization, which keeps its employees happy is the one that can keep its clients happier too. Therefore, we also assist our clients in keeping their employees happy in various forms. One of the solution we have been providing is by employee complaints redressal. This method is highly effective in order to keep them satisfied and happy.

Lastly, in today's market, customer is supreme. Irrespective of the profit your organization is making, unaware about the online ranking and least bothered about the revenue that you are generating, the customer is only concerned with the quality of product or service that he/she is availing. Where there is a customer and manufacturer merger, there are chances of negative reviews. Here comes our professional expertise. We make sure that all the negative feedbacks about any product or service is made covert and all the positive ones are made overt. Because a rational customer can change his mind within seconds after reading even a single complain about the service/product he is about to avail, it is of paramount importance to do the same.


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