SynapseIndia Team Explains How to Deal with Negative Reviews & Complaints:

Listen Carefully: Listen without responding. The complaints your clients have about your organization aren't generally about you, they're about them. They're about how they feel. How they were let down. What they require. Discover the base of the issue and address that.

Be Honest: If you're going to draw in a negative reviewer, come at them totally legitimate, genuine and with your hands where they can see them. Apologize for your mistake and let them offer you some assistance with finding an approach to push ahead.

Resist the urge to panic: If you can't try to avoid panicking in a battle, then try not to be permitted to take an interest in online networking. The minute you lose your cool, you've not just lost the talk, you've additionally quite recently tossed 20 gallons of lamp oil into the burst

Speak Like a Person: In any case, your clients couldn't care less and they would prefer not to hear any of those $10 words or corporate language in online networking. You will talk like a genuine individual. A genuine, self-reproachful individual or you will finish what has been started far from online networking and basic reviewers.

Promise to be better: End your answer with an assurance to be better. Whether it's a promise that you'll invest more efforts, offer some kind of deal, listen more, and so on, give them a sign that you heard them, you give it a second thought, and that you need to be better for them.

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All above tips are very helpful for managing negative reviews and complaints of clients. SynapseIndia is having quality solutions for working on client complaints and handling negative reviews effectively. Nice Article.

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